Cost of Lessons

Lessons cost $30.00 dollars per half-hour. Some students prefer to book an hour, which is fine if I have two spots back-to-back.

I require 10 post dated cheques, one for each month. Arrangements may be made if this system does not work for you.

If a holiday falls on your lesson day, there is no lesson that week. There is no charge for lessons that fall on a holiday.

The following amounts are for the dates between September 2, 2019 and June 30, 2020


  • September 2019 $120
  • October 2019 $150
  • November 2019 $120
  • December 2019 $90
  • January 2020 $120
  • February 2020 $120
  • March 2020 $150
  • April 2020 $120
  • May 2020 $120
  • June 2020 $120
  • Total: $1230 for the year

Now Booking

Lessons will be starting next month - it's important to book your spot early to avoid disappointment.


What People Say

Michael Goodspeed

Jason is a wonderful multi instrumentalist and a creative talent. He has well developed teaching skills and loads of patience- very highly recommended!
Michael Goodspeed


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